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There have been two boats named Iona on the lake.  The earlier one had her name changed to Champion". The latter one originally was called Blue Skies.
 Blue Skies was built in the early  sixties by apprentices at the sea shipbuilders' boatyard in Auckland.  This firm had apprentices building 14' and 16' carvel and clinker boats as part of their training.  Blue Skies was built by them and although they were properly supervised to make sure that the boats were thoroughly constructed it was noticeable that one side of the hull was different from the other, something that an experienced boat builder would not have let pass.  Regardless of this she was a very good and reliable boat.
 In 1968 Norm Pointon was looking for a boat.  A teaching colleague, Michael Drake, looked at Blue Skies in Auckland and recommended her to Norm who decided to buy her, so she was transported to Taupo.
 Norm changed her name to Iona.  This name has a family historical connection with the island of similar name off the West Coast of Scotland.  The Pointons used her for four years in Taupo, making many trips on the lake.  She was very useful in the Western Bays because she drew so little water and could be navigated up the river just as if she was an outboard.  Often the Pointons took their family over with them, camping overnight with Iona tied up to the shore.  She could carry six plus camping gear.
 Powered by a Ford 10hp motor she had quite a good turn of speed and could reach nine knots.  She was able to manoeuvre even with a beam sea and was very economical to run.
 When they first sailed her on the lake Norm had a few problems trying to go slowly enough to fish.  To be able to do this they changed the gearbox arrangement so that they could troll in second gear.  Iona had a car gearbox so they were able to put in a second gear.  One time they were fishing off Waihaha Point when they crossed gears getting the shaft locked up completely.  Norm had to do a gearbox recall over in the Western Bays.  He was able to put her into direct drive to come home to sort the problem out in Taupo.  Apart from this occasion she was very reliable.
 A very strong boat, Iona is well suited for the lake.  She is the right length for a displacement hull and, in Lake Taupo's famous short chop and even in bigger seas, is quite comfortable to sail in.
Iona has been described as an "innocent but very good boat".  She has had many owners over the years but is still on the lake and can be seen tied up in the harbour.