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Ngaro was one of the earlier boats built with a flared bow.  It was unusual in the 1930s when she was built, for a boat to have this.
She was 28ft long with a beam of 9ft and was all kauri.  Originally her cabin sides were varnished and were later painted.  She was built in Auckland by Lidgards and was a round bilge boat.
Originally known as Apache when she first came to Taupo, her name was changed by one of her earlier owners, George Hale, to Ngaro.  This name is Maori for a blowfly.
Dave Collison bought her in 1952 and used her  privately for 20 years on the lake.  He put on a dodger at the back and also put in a two-cylinder small trolling motor which was an air-cooled Norman.  She ran on a Redwing four-cylinder petrol engine.  Later, after Dave sold her, she was bought by Bill Cawthorn who had her surveyed for commercial use.  She was a kind sea boat, very good in rough waters, and was a well-known boat in the Taupo boat harbour.